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Your home is unique.
Sell it in the best conditions.

I lost so much time trying to sell my house by myself and with another agency. We Invest merges sincerity with talent and professionalism. As a contemporary real estate firm, they use the latest technology to sell on value.
Client of Stéphane
My property had been on sale for some time by the competition. After several months of inactivity where the only solution proposed by the advisor was to lower the price, I called We Invest. Enhancement of my property and a quick sale under the best conditions.
Client of Geraldine
We were amazed by their involvement and enthusiasm, and by the support that went way beyond just a ‘simple’ administrative handling.
Client of Daniel & Laurent
It's the dynamic of the We Invest team that hooked me: always in a good mood and listening. I am highly satisfied with my choice of agency for the sale of my house.
Client of Jonas
Proactive, attentive and always ready to find the best solution to meet my requirements. I wholeheartedly recommend We Invest, especially to other demanding owners".
Client of Sarah
Their service and follow-up are extraordinary. We got the royal treatment from the very first moment.
Client of Jordan
Never before was I this pleased with a real estate agency.
Client of Jonathan
Professional and excellent service. They rented out my apartment in merely 4 days!
Client of Nicolas

Selling or renting your property
has never been easier.

Step 1/6


A We Invest advisor who is specialised in your region estimates the value of your property according to objective criteria, his market insight, and current trends.

Step 2/6

Creating a sale file

Your advisor helps you to obtain the required legal documents for a sale or rental.

Step 3/6

Showcasing your property

You and your advisor develop a strategy to maximize the allure of your property. A professional photographer provides the pictures and we base the marketing strategy on videos, a virtual tour, blueprints, and a lovely brochure.

Step 4/6

House tours

Your advisor plans the visits according to your calendar. He guarantees a regular and transparent follow-up to keep you continuously up-to-date on the sale’s progress.

Step 5/6


After a tour of the property, potential buyers can make their offer. To get the best possible price, your advisor represents you during these negotiations. As soon as a satisfactory bid turns up, all you have to do is sign the papers.

Step 6/6


Your advisor is by your side right until the signing of the sales agreement, deed, or lease. We safeguard a proactive follow-up with the notary and promise a peaceful signing within the best time and under the best terms.

Work with We Invest
means entrusting your property to a team of experts!

  • Human

  • Technological approach

  • Marketing

  • Local expertise

  • IPI Certification


Selling or letting out your home is one of the most decisive and engaging transactions in your life. It’s of the utmost importance that your advisor is trustworthy and a genuine partner during this process.

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A technological approach

Modern technologies assist and support people. Our advisors use advanced digital technologies to work more efficiently and create more time for you.

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Because of our professional marketing team (consisting of photo- and videographers, advertisers, graphic designers, and digital marketers) we showcase your property, maximise its value, and multiply points of contact with potential buyers. We leave no stone unturned.

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A local expertise

Your personal We Invest advisor knows your neighbourhood. He has lived or worked there for years, grasps the tendencies of the local market, and understands how to inform and persuade potential buyers.

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IPI Certification

The IPI (Professional Institute for real estate advisors) protects and regulates the access to the brokerage. Because of their IPI certificate and ongoing training, our skilled associates know all about the technical, practical, and legal aspects of a sale, as well as everything on paperwork and taxes. You get the best advice, and potential buyers can also rest assured.

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I am convinced

We simply offer
more than
a real estate agency.

Bringing together different profiles within a single agency allows us to offer you more, in a more focused way ... all at the same price!

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What a classic agency offers:

  • Customer database
  • Realistic price estimate
  • Visibility on platforms

We Invest adds:

  • Increased digital visibility
  • Visibility on site
  • Brochure of your property
  • Getting started from A to Z
  • Professional photo shoot
  • Video or virtual tour
  • No fixed costs

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