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We Invest is the key player for all your real estate projects. Thanks to the continuous training of our agents as well as digital marketing and the use of state-of-the-art technology, we carry out your projects while putting an emphasis on human relations.

4 different approaches


    At We Invest, we like to put the right people in the right place: A good salesperson is not necessarily a formidable secretary, an outstanding photographer or a computer geek. We have therefore decided to support the realtors with a team strengthened by complementary skill sets and above all with cutting edge technological tools so that they can free up their time and devote themselves fully to the aspects of the job in which they are best: customer contact, support and advice.

    New technologies are made available to the realtors allowing them to focus on selling your property, to be more responsive and to be able to provide a flawless follow-up, and thus offer you the best experience with We Invest.

    These tools will literally assist the realtor in all his (her)repetitive or administrative tasks so that he can spend his(her) time and energy entirely to the marketing of your property as well as the exchange, the sharing and a proactive follow-up of his(her) clients… So all benefits are for you.


    Professional photos and videos

    Several scientific studies have shown that it takes less than 2 seconds for a prospective buyer to decide whether to click on a real estate ad, making thus a decision based solely on the first picture. The picture is therefore key for the success of the marketing of your property: the quality of these visuals has an impact on the decision-making process of potential buyers and makes it possible to inform them in the most optimal way.

    At We Invest, a professional photographer manages pictures and videos of your property in order to highlight its key advantages, make it stand out from the abundant offer and make it as attractive as possible in the eyes of buyers. This allows us to differentiate it, reduce the selling time and sell your property at the best price.

    Real and virtual homestaging

    Since you will only have one chance to make a good first impression, this photoshoot is accompanied by a homestaging of the property. By de-cluttering, ordering and even by staging the furniture, the realtor prepares an environment that favours the positive decision making process of the potential buyers. If refurbishments are necessary: we can also carry out virtual homestaging to help candidates plan ahead.


    In addition to the visual promotion of the property thanks to professional videographers and photographers, We Invest realtors are supported by a team of marketeers who supervise and advise them on the promotion of each property.

    We Invest’s marketing philosophy is a bull’s eye and allows us to carry out advertising campaigns tailored to each property, thanks to their expertise, analysis sof the sector and an in-depth study of the specific characteristics of the property.

    Cross-platform visibility

    Your property enjoys increased visibility on-and offline, whether on real estate platforms, our website, social media, at the point of sale or in its vicinity. Every opportunity is used to reach prospective buyers, wherever they are.

    roduction of plans

    To allow a better understanding of the property, its structure and the different possible configurations, and to allow buyers to easily project themselves in it, 2D and 3D plans are essential tools.

    Detailed brochure & website

    In order to provide clear, complete and accurate information to customers, and convert them into buyers, we rely on transparency: our site offers precise information on the property so that each customer can already project him(her)self there. In the same way, a detailed and fully personalised brochure of your property and its surroundings is produced.


    The conclusion of a real estate sale is inseparable from a series of legal procedures. We Invest realtors are trained and master these concepts and procedures to guide you in the best way: they accompany you, advise you and assist you in your steps, from the completion of the sales dossier upstream all the way to the signature of the preliminary purchase agreement and then the deed of sale.


    While our realtors support you from A to Z during the various stages of a sale, they are supported and supervised by lawyers and legal specialists in real estate law in order to guarantee you optimal and safeguard you from unpleasant surprises, ranging from the preparation to the conclusion of your sale.

    IPI Certification & Training

    Access to such a technical profession requires knowledge, skills and rigour. To achieve optimal service quality, our agents are all IPI certified. This diploma guarantees their technical, ethical and legal knowledge of real estate sales, as well as their experience in the field.

    In addition, all our agents are required to comply with We Invest’s own quality charters, which ensure their professionalism and qualitative support. In addition, regular training sessions are organised to keep each agent informed of the various changes in real estate legislation and to offer you the most appropriate solutions according to your specific situation.

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    We Invest, a partner of BNP Paribas Real Estate, has a team of real estate investment specialists to help you set up an investment project that meets your needs.

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    We offer a large selection of new development projects and have set up a department to help you purchase a new home.


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