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How does an online estimation of your flat work?

You are right to wonder how an online estimation tool, which has never seen your apartment, can determine its value. But once you have entered the characteristics of your apartment (area, location, etc.), it compares this information with an extensive database that is always up-to-date! An algorithm then calculates the estimated value, which you will find in your apartment's appraisal report.

  • Enter the exact address of your flat.

  • Select the type of flat (studio, duplex, penthouse).

  • Enter the details of your apartment (number of rooms, terrace, floor, etc.).

  • Determine the general condition of your flat and the quality of its materials.

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What are the criteria for an online estimation of my flat?

In addition to the essential criteria for the online estimation of a house or other real estate, the following additional features are taken into account when estimating a flat:

The floor

The estimation tool takes into account which floor the flat is located on, as this directly affects the view, natural light and quietness. A ground floor is not valued in the same way as an upper floor.

Outdoor space

Whether it is a small balcony or a large terrace, the presence of an outdoor space is an added value to your flat that should be taken into account when valuing your flat online.

Flat type

Studio, penthouse, loft, duplex, etc. There are different configurations of flats, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. This information gives the online valuation tool a better understanding of the unique features of your flat.


The presence of a lift increases accessibility and offers more living comfort, especially for flats on higher floors. This criterion is considered an added value when valuing your flat.

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Our online appraisal tool is the first step towards selling your apartment and gives you a realistic price indication. For an even more accurate estimate that takes into account views, vistas, co-ownership, etc., we recommend you call on your local We Invest estate agent.

Of course, our We Invest real estate agents are ready to help you throughout the entire process of selling your flat. Fill in our contact form to be advised by an expert estate agent in your area.

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